Harvest Meals make the Farmers Happy

There is no truer statement than 'A Man's Heart is through His Stomach'...

Unfortunately his stomach is sometimes 20 miles away in a tractor, combine, sprayer, grain cart, truck, etc...

Before I became a 'farm wife', I lived off of greek pasta salad, cup o' noodles and drive thru!

Yes, I still knew how to boil water and read a recipe, I just never used that knowledge often. My husband taught me, that yes, meat can actually taste good, and the proper way to cook/BBQ it to do so. Since those first days I've also realized, he works so hard on the farm, and the least I could do was feed him a meal or 2 a day to keep his stress level (Hangry-ness) down.

When I worked at my former Office Job Full Time, I was still in charge of feeding our crew everyday. It is possible, believe me! I have done it for over 10+ years!

My biggest advice is, to be organized enough you are able to go with the flow. Ya, that doesn't sound like it should work, but sometimes it rains, or something breaks down, so you have to be able to work with meal time changes without adding more stress to those situations. I always try and make meals that can be foiled up or used as easy leftovers the next day.

Don't get me wrong I HATE when supper time ends up at 9pm, but that's FARMING!

Follow this link below, for some great make ahead, slow-cooker and one pot meals that I have tried in the past and are my go-to ideas that 'just work' for field meals.


Not all these are the healthiest recipes, I'm still working on that part! I would also LOVE to hear your little tips and tricks for Meals on the Go! How do you transport them? What's your go to recipe? Remember, We all need Food, so there will always be Farmers, and they will always be HUNGRY!

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