Your happiness is our inspiration.

Here, we fuse the charm of lived-in elements with European culture, crafting each piece with a feminine touch to bring joy to your everyday life.

Our passion for design runs deep, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

Join our community of kindred spirits as we cultivate connections and growth together, creating a welcoming sanctuary where you belong.

Welcome to the heart of our creative journey—we can't wait to have you with us.


Meet Christa, the vibrant soul behind Clementine.

Whether she's refining our offerings or spreading laughter, her passion knows no bounds.

With a heart for family, friends, and crafting dream homes alongside her Farmer husband, she's the epitome of joyful living.

Christa's mission? To transform houses into cherished havens and inspire personal style.

Join us in celebrating her boundless creativity and feminine style for life!


You are our inspiration, and your happiness is our priority.

You embody creativity and individuality, preferring experiences over trends.

Clementine is your creative sanctuary—a place where you can explore and express yourself authentically.

Your purchases are expressions of love and self-care.

Picture this: a cozy nook filled with eclectic treasures, where every corner whispers tales of whimsy and charm.

That's us—your go-to for casual, feminine European-inspired home decor that's as delightfully chaotic as it is authentic.

We're not about perfect lines and cookie-cutter designs; we're all about embracing the beautiful messiness of life.

Join our tribe of free spirits and let's create spaces that dance with personality, telling stories of laughter, love, and a touch of girly flair.