August's Book to Read...

'Love Warrior' by Glennon Doyle Melton

Oh man, there is so much to say about this one.  I first heard of this book while watching one of my fave's Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talkshow, 'Chelsea'.  (This is the second book I have read after she promoted/hosted them on this particular show...)

So basically… I really liked this book. I think Glennon has some powerful and important words for women about identity, strength, bravery, truth, and love. She is raw and vulnerable, and she loves BIG.

This book is about her marriage and its ultimate “survival” during a difficult time in her life.   The book is good. It is deep and personal, and it touches on the subjects of body image and sex in ways that I had never read before. I connected with Glennon is some areas, and found her ability to put the fears and insecurities of SO many women into words powerful.

I think her respect for her husband and the institution of marriage is evident, but she’s also not afraid to question some of the things women are told by our society/the church/etc., and I appreciated that.

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