Lash Removal Balm
Lash Removal Balm

Lash Removal Balm

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Our Made for This adhesive has finally met it’s match! Introducing the FlutterHabit Lash Removal Balm.

This luxurious balm is formulated to be thick & creamy for an effortless application that melts into your lashes for your easiest removal ever.

Made with clean and nourishing ingredients, not only is this balm designed to quickly soften and melt away our adhesive but contains powerful conditioning ingredients—argan and jojoba oil—to nourish and protect your natural lashes with every use.

Saying goodbye just got easier.

Thoroughly wet your eyelashes with warm water. Apply a small amount of remover to the lashes with your fingers, ensuring the balm soaks into the segments from every angle. Allow the balm to soak for 1-2 minutes. With wet fingertips, gently rub your lashes in an up-and-down motion until the segments slide off with no tension. NEVER pull or tug on the lash segments and never rub side to side.

Melt away your FlutterHabit lash segments and nourish your natural eyelashes with our carefully formulated balm


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