Our Team


Christa - Owner

Most days you can find her at Clementine, it is her 'baby' after-all...

You know she's around when you hear her Laugh.

She's most passionate about her business, her family & friends and loving the life her and her husband are creating together.  She also cannot live without her cat, Ryley. 

She loves serving people who are yearning to make their house a home and want to grow into their personal style.  She loves inspiring people to be unique and who they are, and encourages everyone to just 'try new things' in style, food & life.

When she's not busy working on Clementine's Website you can catch her 'Pinning' and planning her multiple dream homes, or binge-watching trashy reality TV.

Five things you might not know about her are:

  1. She truly believes everything happens for a reason and on its own time.

  2. She's a true Introverted-Extrovert.  I know Weird, but so is she (ha ha ha!)

  3. She could live off Tacos and Gauc and they are honestly the way to her heart, but hold the Hot Sauce, she cannot handle the spice!

  4. She is borderline a crazy cat lady but hides it well...

  5. She knew she would marry her husband even before she learned his name, and all her high-school friend still can't believe it actually happened!  But don't let that fool you, she doesn't have a single romantic bone in her body, other than her LOVE of Weddings!

To learn a little more about Christa, read her Journal Entry ' So, you want to become a Florist....' HERE



Sonya - Delivery 

You may also recognize Sonya, as 'the girl that works at Tan Fx'…you’d be surprised how often people say “Oh you work here too?!” when they come into the store. Yes, she sure does and two jobs keep her busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Sonya was born and raised in Kindersley, Sk and has plans on one day moving to Calgary (fingers crossed).

Five things you might not know about her are:

  1. She's a big believer that the Universe gives us what we need at the exact time we need it, so be patient and enjoy where you’re at in life right now.

  2. She has always had a passion for esthetics and has recently just taken Mani, Pedi, Lash Lift/Tinting, and Waxing courses and is now taking clients over at Revive Spa!

  3. She didn’t have a CLUE about flowers before working at Clementine, and now finds herself having an eye for them everywhere she goes.

  4. She wishes McDonald’s coke was as healthy for you as water is... there’s just something about it that makes it so dang good!

  5. She LOVES delivering to everyone, but ESPECIALLY the people that aren’t expecting it.  Flowers are truly such a simple gesture but they can and WILL make someones entire day, week or even month!!  She promises that those flowers will always be delivered with a smile.

Working at Clementine has been nothing short of amazing. She has learned so many new things and loves her co-workers, and especially loves seeing customers when you come into the store!! 



Hayden - Merchandising 

Hayden has an eye for design in all aspects of Clementine.  She is a jack of all trades and has great style and an eye for detail, which is showcased in everything from our Product Displays, Floral designs and Customer Service.

She was born and raised in Kerrobert, SK and while she spent a few years in Saskatoon and Calgary, she has recently moved back and is happily married to her new hubby, Taylor! The two of them live in the sweetest 500 sq. ft house, she loves 7/11 taquitos,  and enjoys binge watching series after series on netflix (please let her know your faves because they are constantly crushing them!).


She is mostly known by the people in her life for having an eye for design and for being passionate about her family. She is an Architectural Technologist by trade and worked at an architecture firm in Calgary before she started at Clementine. She loves creating spaces and while she loves being able to work in such a creative atmosphere, she needed to be near the people in her life that she loves even more. Hence, the move back to small town Sask!

Some things you might not know about her are:

  1. She LOVES brunch! She could eat a big breakie bowl covered in hollandaise sauce every single day of the week and never get sick of it!

  2. Her grandpa saves every week’s People magazine for her to do the Puzzler! They are her absolute favourite thing to do with her dad. Along with any crossword, sudoku, brain teaser, wordsearch, etc.!

  3. She honestly believes that you should never be too busy to stop and have coffee and a visit with a neighbour or a friend.

  4. Along with dancing, singing is one of her favourite things to do when she is alone.

  5. She is constantly designing in her everyday life. She spends most of her time online browsing for family members’ homes, working on house designs, and adjusting her own decor to her moods that week. Yes, she would bet most people think she is crazy!

She loves working here at Clementine and enjoys visiting with each and every one of you that stop in the store; You all are amazing!!