A Little About Me...

 Hey, I'm Christa,




Most days you can find her at home in her basement constantly creating and making Clementine better, it is her 'baby' after-all...

You know she's around when you hear her Laugh.

She's most passionate about her business, her family & friends and loving the life her and her husband are creating together.  She also cannot live without her cat, Ryley. 

She loves serving people who are yearning to make their house a home and want to grow into their personal style.  She loves inspiring people to be unique and who they are, and encourages everyone to just 'try new things' in style, food & life.

When she's not busy working on Clementine's Website you can catch her 'Pinning' and planning her multiple dream homes, or binge-watching trashy reality TV.

Five things you might not know about her are:

  1. She truly believes everything happens for a reason and on its own time.

  2. She's a true Introverted-Extrovert.  I know Weird, but so is she (ha ha ha!)

  3. She could live off Tacos and Gauc and they are honestly the way to her heart, but hold the Hot Sauce, she cannot handle the spice!

  4. She is borderline a crazy cat lady but hides it well...

  5. She knew she would marry her husband even before she learned his name, and all her high-school friend still can't believe it actually happened!  But don't let that fool you, she doesn't have a single romantic bone in her body, other than her LOVE of Weddings!

To learn a little more about Christa, read her Journal Entry ' So, you want to become a Florist....' HERE