So, you want to become a Florist....

Yes... those are the words I told myself.  Just a few years ago actually, when I left my (7 year) office job life and became a business partner at the #freshestshopintown (Fresh in Eston).  This partnership unfortunately, was a short lived dream.  Sometimes these things just don't work, and that's OK.  Luckily, my ideas came with me, and now I've opened Clementine, and I couldn't be happier.


This was a HUGE decision I made!  I gave up a VERY well paying Salary, Pension Plan, Full Benefits, and Paid Holidays to run a business, where I wouldn't be getting ANY of that.


Never did I, the girl who has killed every single house plant that has entered her doorway, said to herself! YES! I want to become a florist!


Correct, I didn’t know from a young age that I was meant to be a florist. I wasn’t born with a burning desire to have my hands in the dirt and to play with flowers all day every day. Instead, it was a realization, a slow awakening, like the opening of a bud.  


I did know from early on however, I needed to do something that was calming, freeing, and enjoyable.  I needed to create, I needed to use my hands.


BUT... Not only do I want to become a florist I want to take the floral industry to new and exciting levels!


The biggest difference now is that I have developed that burning need to have my hands around flowers every day. If I’m not working with flowers, I’m thinking about them. Reading about flowers, looking for the slight nuances in every petal, dreaming about flower combinations and sketching ideas for weddings, these are all needful things for me now.


Flowers and floral design have become an addiction for me, a part of the fabric of my being and I can’t picture a world without them – nor do I want to – ever again.


For those who know me, know, I also can't just do the same ol' thing, I have to get my creative juices flowing with my crazy entrepreneurial ideas and offer something totally different and exciting to my customer base. 


Including calling my Hand-tied Bouquets, Posies...It just adds a little something different and cute and special, don't you think?!?  


Second off, I have been playing around and have started creating these Posies to be tied in a way, that makes it incredibly easy for YOU to just place them in your own vase/jar or vessel without too much cutting and re-arranging (if at all any).


I also decided to promote and offer and specialize in Posy Subscriptions.  These are when you purchase a fresh Posy every Week, every other week or every month, so you always have the gift of Fresh flowers in your life!  

(Read more about our Floral Subscriptions HERE!)


These subscriptions are GREAT for Offices, Businesses, Gifts, or making someone's House and Home (think a Grandparent's 'new home'.  Plus for yourself of course!


I will also be offering some brands that I myself, personally found/sourced.  Plus other new and exciting brands/companies that I have found or my Company Reps suggested for me throughout this process and I'm sure I'll find more in the future.  


Most of these brands, I have found while shopping, or have received as gifts throughout the years.  Just a Note: I'm picky and when I find something I LOVE, I want to share it and will research and source out company reps, to do so.  


My rule in life is, if I don't LOVE it, it's not welcome past my door... both at home, in relationships and now at Clementine.


Please stay tuned for what will be coming your way Kindersley in the (somewhat) near future!  I CANNOT wait to offer beautiful bouquets to beautiful people near and (sooner rather than later) far! ;0)

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