Getting Ready for Guests during the Holidays

Now, it’s true that there’s no place like home. But if we had to pick a runner-up, it would be our just-opened Clementine.

Boasting living spaces and all the cozy fixings, we’ve seriously considered moving in.  With the holidays in sight, the store’s stylists extraordinaire, share how to make our real abodes just as inviting.

A well-stocked bar!

Seriously though, we try to take a cue from the guests themselves—I stock the house with their favorite foods, and put out books, games and framed photos or albums that include them.

The smells of Comfort...

I love to burn a firewood or cider scented candles when it’s not yet cold enough to build a fire, and I also have my eye on a couple of our new faux-fur pillows and throws.

I think it starts with the bed.

Weary travelers appreciate a well-made bed, including a pretty quilt and plush pillows. I set the nightstand with fresh flowers, a carafe of ice water and glasses, and a small scented candle. I also make sure to set out fresh towels and a basket of essentials they may have left behind. Closet space and access to outlets are also thoughtful.

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