Welcome to Our World of Whimsical Charm at Ophelia Farms

Your joy ignites our creativity.


Welcome to Ophelia Farms

You are our inspiration, and your happiness is our mission.

At Clementine and now Ophelia Farms, we cherish creativity and authenticity, valuing meaningful experiences over fleeting trends.

Our extension into Ophelia Farms offers more than just a place to shop—it’s a retreat for your creativity, a space to explore and express your true self.

Every visit to Ophelia Farms is an act of love and self-care, where you can immerse yourself in a cozy corner brimming with eclectic treasures. Each nook at our farm whispers stories of whimsy and charm, embodying a haven for casual, feminine, European-inspired decor that celebrates the beautiful chaos of life.

Forget the pursuit of perfection. Here, we celebrate the beautiful messiness of life, crafting spaces that pulse with personality, laughter, love, and a dash of girly flair.

Meet Christa

The Heart of Our Creative World

Meet Christa, the vibrant soul at the helm of our creative journey. Whether she’s curating our collections or sharing a heartfelt laugh, her boundless enthusiasm and commitment to joyful living are infectious. Alongside her Farmer husband, Christa transforms spaces into cherished havens, encouraging you to express your unique style.


Step into Our Expanding Community

This summer, we are thrilled to introduce an enchanting new experience at Ophelia Farms: our You-Pick Flower Farm. Opening in Summer 2024, this special addition invites you and your loved ones to wander through our blooming fields, handpick your favorite flowers, and create personal bouquets filled with beauty and fragrance.

It’s a perfect way to connect with nature and bring a piece of our garden into your home.

Our Philosophy

At Ophelia Farms, we believe in the beauty of imperfection and the value of hand-touched craftsmanship.
Every plant, flower, and product has a story, shaped by the hands that nurtured it and the soil in which it grew.
We invite you to step into our world, where creativity blooms wildly and every visit inspires a deeper connection with the earth.

Join Our Tribe of Free Spirits

Become part of a community that values individuality and spontaneity. At Ophelia Farms, let’s weave tales together in a place where creativity blooms as wildly and wonderfully as our flowers.