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We’ve been consciously choosing Canadian grown flowers and establishing strong relationships with the farmers we work with, helping narrow the gap between farmer and florist.

Our growers & reps have become friends, which naturally infuses our designs with an undeniable feeling of respect and gratitude.

Our full service 'Flower Bar' offers everything from same day flower pick up and delivery, as well as complete wedding and event floral design. Our Bespoke floral arrangements are inspired by the natural growth of an English-style garden—always unique, with inspired colour palettes and uncontrived shapes. 

Bespoke garden style bouquets is our specialty.  These new garden style bouquets are often referred to as bespoke, a British term meaning specially made for a particular person. ... These showy bouquets were and are often so large, they have been humorously described as a bride carrying her grandmother's garden.

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