How To Book the Right Wedding Florists for Your Big Day

Planning your wedding can be difficult and overwhelming at first — especially if you’ve never been involved with planning any other wedding or major event before! Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make the process less stressful (or nearly stress-free!), even when it comes to booking your wedding vendors. 

Take a look at these tips to learn how to find, hire, and work with the best wedding florist for your big day.

Figure Out Your Wedding Budget

First things first: you’ll need to determine who all is pitching in for the wedding and for how much. Whether you and your fiancee are paying for it out of pocket or you have family members assisting with the costs, be sure to come up with your max budget before planning anything else. This will better help you choose what’s most important (such as photography, florals, and food) — and what you might be able to cut back on.

Do Your Research Early

Start by exploring Pinterest and Google for inspiration.  Most florist now a days also have blogs and up to date websites with their work and/or portfolio.  It’s important to book a floral designer early on in the process, soon after you’ve selected your date, venue, and photographer.

Ask for a Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed down to your top few choices, ask to speak with them on the phone, a video chat or in person! Get a feel for their personality and ask about their work process. You might even consider looking over this list of questions to ask your wedding florist before making the final decision!  If you don't feel they are spending enough time on your special day at the beginning, consider looking elsewhere, this is your special day, no question or e-mail should be ignored.

Sign a Contract and Pay Your Deposit

By now you may be used to signing an agreement with wedding vendors if you’ve booked a few others already, but in case you aren’t, it is standard in the wedding industry to have a document signed by both the client and the wedding vendor. This makes sure you know exactly what is covered in your costs and any other details you should know about before the big day.

Once Hired, Explore Ideas!

Then comes the fun part: designing and playing with ideas, color schemes and more! You may want to start saving your favorite bouquet and centerpieces to get some inspiration. Be sure to discuss with your florist what types of blooms or greenery might go well with your theme or setting!  I always suggest finding pictures of things you both like and un-like, so you are both on the same page.


Hire the Best Wedding Florist

Florals and greenery can make your special day stand out in a unique way that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether you already have floral ideas in mind for your wedding or you are hoping to achieve a specific look and feel, reach out to Clementine Home Floral Gift for elegant and romantic bouquets, ceremony backdrops and more for a truly beautiful wedding!

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