8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

Whether you have just started planning for your big day or you’re already knee-deep in the process, it’s important to prepare questions for potential wedding vendors in advance. This will help you narrow down to your top few choices, since you’ll better understand their expertise, working style and price ranges.

If you’re shopping around for a fantastic wedding floral designer, be sure to ask these questions at your initial consultation.

Are you available on my wedding date?

This one should be the first you ask since it’s the most important. However, if they aren’t available, follow this question up with, “Do you have other wedding florists you recommend?”

What is your floral design process like?

Get a feel for what they love to create by asking this question. Are they more traditional? Or do they love creating moodier and more textured florals? This can give you a better sense of what types of work they can make for your special day.

How far in advance should I book a florist?

While the answer is almost always “The sooner the better,” some florists may have busier schedules or book up sooner than others. It may also be important to ask this if you are getting married in a busier wedding season.

Have you worked with my venue before?

The answer to this shouldn’t make or break your decision, but it can certainly help if your floral designer is at least familiar with the venue location, style and layout.

What flowers might match my theme or style?

Talk to them about your vision for the big day and discuss ideas for how to bring it to life with unique florals and greenery! You might also ask if you could collaborate on a Pinterest board for inspiration.

What look can we achieve that fits within my budget?

Unless price isn’t a factor, it’s really helpful to talk about what your ideal floral budget looks like. Although you may want a specific flower to be involved in the design, it can often save you money if you focus more on a specific look or feel in case the flowers you want are out of season on your wedding date.

Will I be your only client on our wedding day?

Some wedding vendors take on more than one wedding client per day. If your wedding florist takes on more than one, ask how many and how they handle that type of situation in regards to deliveries and timelines.


Hire the Best Wedding Florist

Florals and greenery can make your special day stand out in a unique way that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether you already have floral ideas in mind for your wedding or you are hoping to achieve a specific look and feel, reach out to Clementine Home Floral Gift for elegant and romantic bouquets, ceremony backdrops and more for a truly beautiful wedding!

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