5 Reasons To Avoid DIY While Planning Your Wedding

Over the last decade, weddings have spiked in price and prep-time, often averaging almost $30,000 and requiring 9-12 months or more to plan. So it’s very understandable why many couples are trying to be more cost-conscious by attempting to DIY (do-it-yourself) for the big day.

However, one of the biggest myths about DIY weddings is that they’ll save you money in the long run. After you factor in the time it takes to find the materials, go to the store or buy items online dozens of times, or making a mistake and starting all over, DIY can be more expensive than simply asking someone else to do it for you. The truth is, DIY is not necessarily for those on a tight budget.

And that’s not all: take a look at a few more reasons why you should leave your wedding planning and decor to the professionals:

1. You Only Get This Day Once

This is supposed to be the most important day of your life. It should feel that way! While not everyone can (or should) spend thousands of dollars on their wedding, it shouldn’t be treated just like any other event. Make it feel truly special by giving the celebration more meaning with every part of the planning process. And if any of the items you’ve made yourself fail to hold up and last throughout the day, you might regret it later and wish you had asked for someone else to do it for you.

2. You Can Still Have a DIY Look by Hiring a Professional

There are many wedding planners and coordinators now that either offer to make decor for you or know someone who can! As a bonus, they’ll likely have more knowledge about the style you want to achieve, better access to buying items in bulk for lower prices, and take the pressure off of you to make everything by the big day!

3. You Aren’t as Creative as You’d Like to Be

A DIY wedding isn’t for everyone — and that’s okay! If you like the idea of a DIY wedding, but simply aren’t a creative or artsy person, then making crafts for your big day is probably not the best idea.

4. You’re Having a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding from out of town (or out of province!) is a lot harder than we may initially anticipate. These types of weddings just don’t work well with DIY, since you’d have to figure out how to get all the supplies and items you’ve made shipped over to your venue location . . . all while staying intact.

5. Some Things Just Aren’t Meant for DIY

Brides website offers a great perspective on what is (and isn’t) good for DIY when it comes to your wedding: “If you can do it months in advance while, say, you’re watching TV at home, go for it — save-the-dates, invitations, welcome bags, favors. But if it’s time-sensitive or just too big of an undertaking, don’t risk it.”

When it comes to the decorations, flowers, photography, food and music, you’re better off reaching out to an experienced wedding vendor within your budget.

Hire the Best Wedding Florist

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