Tailored Classic

If you’re classic, you like simple, clean, and traditional pieces. You opt for a timeless look because the silhouette and colors rarely change. It’s always ladylike, classic, and often tailored.

You are more conservatively than others and your life consists of a lot of neutrals such as black, gray, navy blue and beige. Clean, straight lines dominate your home. 

A Classic style is the basis of chic fashion. It has characteristics that appeal to a majority of "neat & tidy" women - especially those who appreciate tailored clothes and accessories. Minimalism, Preppy (ie. Loafers) and Elegant (think Chanel-style suit) style are variations of this fashion persona. Classic style also overlaps with Dramatic and Natural. 

There is no one right way to express it either. Personal style is all about personal expression.

How do you express your Tailored Classic style?

To see other Tailored Classic - Muse ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board HERE

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