Soft & Feminine

The Feminine personal style category is the most maligned.   So many women will say to me as they dismiss the feminine “I don’t like frills or flounces” as if these are the only ways to express their femininity.  

Soft & Feminine is about curved lines and softness, rather than the straight, hard lines of the Masculine.  

There are so many ways to express your feminine side:
- The feminine silhouette of the hourglass shape
- Soft fabrics that skim and drape
- Delicate prints
- Nature based prints – florals, butterflies, paisley (stylised floral)
- Sheen, shine and sparkle
- Frills
- Lighter colours
- Fine straps on shoes and slim soles
- Bows and embellishments
- Lace
- Touchable fabrics like silk, velvet, fur

There is no one right way to express it either. Personal style is all about personal expression.

How do you express your feminine style?

To see other Soft & Feminine - Muse ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board HERE

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