Boho Chic

You like dressing comfortable and being self-expressive. You like wearing loose-fitted clothes and your taste tends to gravitate towards exotic-looking pieces like for example tribal/ethnic prints, gypsy layering, Indian stacked bangle bracelets, floral print, weaves, plants, soft whites and creams...

You're not afraid of colors but you prefer neutrals such as browns and deep, rich colors compared to stark nuances (crisp white, electric blue, etc.).

This fashion style represents many flavors, leaning towards the hippie , quirky and kitchy cool classification.

Bohemian style usually overlaps with Romantic and Eclectic, but with 'pure' boho consisting more of casual and ethnic elements.

There is no one right way to express it either. Personal style is all about personal expression.

How do you express your Boho Chic style?

To see other Boho Chic - Muse ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board HERE

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