Stasher Travel Hacks

Stasher bags aren’t just for meal prep! There are so many uses for stasher bags, and many of our favorite uses have to do with travel. If you're an organized packer or an aspiring zero-waste traveler, you're going to want to travel with several empty stasher bags in your luggage… stasher bags can do it all!

Phone protector

Use stasher to keep your phone safe from splashes! Place your phone inside a snack-sized stasher bag when at the beach or by the pool. It will be safe from accidental water droplets and sandy hands. The silicone that stasher bags are made from will allow you to use your phone’s touchscreen without pulling it out of the bag!

Pack your snacks zero-waste style

Bring a few stasher bags and grab your favorite healthy travel snacks from the bulk section of your local health food store before you head out on a trip! You’ll save money and save the landfill from a few extra pieces of plastic. Trail mix, dried fruit, and jerky are great snacks to start with. I also like to keep an empty stasher bag on hand when I travel to make zero-waste snacking super easy. Most cafes will just slide your croissant right into a reusable bag for you, if you ask nicely. You can also use your stasher bag to hold restaurant leftovers instead of styrofoam or plastic disposables.

Painlessly get your liquids through security

If you’ve ever had a flimsy ziploc bag break open in your suitcase, getting slimy conditioner everywhere, you know that it’s totally worth it to invest in a sturdy transparent bag that will pass TSA standards, but also be resistant to accidents. Stasher bags have proven virtually indestructible in my traveling experience, plus they have a strong seal that won’t burst open as long as you don’t over-pack the bag. I use a clear, sandwich sized bag.

Wet clothing

Have you ever wrapped a wet swimsuit, washcloth, or towel in a plastic shopping bag in your luggage, hoping that it wouldn’t make everything else in your suitcase musty and damp? And then when you arrived to your next destination, half your suitcase was damp? Yeah, me too. Now, I use a jumbo, half gallon sized Stasher bag to securely seal any wet or stinky garments inside my suitcase.

Electronics Organizer

Keep your cords and chargers from getting all tangled up in your luggage or backpack! I like to organize my gadget’s accessories in a sandwich sized stasher, then throw it in my carry-on bag. The slight rigidity of the stasher bag keeps things from moving around too much, and the transparency makes it easy to see what I’m searching for.

I’m sure there are many more stasher bag travel uses to discover as I continue to travel with Stasher bags in tow. I’d love to hear your tips, too!

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