Plastic-Free Road Trip Snack Ideas

As a kid, my family always traveled with a big basket of Ziploc baggies full of snacks. We’d head to the health food co-op before a big road trip, buying bulk trail mix, banana chips, and other healthy munchies, portioning them into plastic bags before we packed up the van.

Though we were pretty conscious of the health impact of our snack choices as a family, our use of single use plastic wasn’t very eco friendly. As an adult, I still bring my own healthy snacks when I travel, but I’m a bit more earth-conscious in the way that I choose to pack them. For me, packing snacks when I travel isn’t just about having healthier options, it’s also about avoiding single-use plastic from convenience-store purchases.

Stasher bags have made it easy to pack snacks in an eco-friendly way. More lightweight and packable than glass or metal containers, I’ve taken my Stasher bags on boats, airplanes, and my favorite, road trips! Below, you'll find a short list of my favorite road trip snacks. 


Satisfyingly crunchy, popcorn is my replacement for plastic-packaged chips. I pop a big batch over the stove the night before heading out on a road trip and pack it in my biggest half-gallon sized stasher bag. Popcorn makes a great zero-waste snack because it’s easy to find in bulk bins at your local grocery store! Did you know that you can also pop popcorn directly in a Stasher bag? Place a ½ cup of popcorn kernels in a Stasher bag with a dash of oil, seal partially (leave a vent for steam!), and microwave for 30 seconds, being careful to avoid burning. Check out the how-to video below!

Fruit and veggies

I’m prone to mindless snacking while driving, so I like to keep myself stocked up with fruits and veggies to munch on instead of candy or junk food. My favorite is apple slices, tossed in a Stasher bag with a little lemon juice to keep them from browning. If I’m going to be road-tripping for more than a half day, I bring a cooler to store fruits and veggies in so they’ll stay fresher, especially if they’re cut up.

Trail mix

Trail mix is sort of the classic travel snack! I like mixing my own from whatever I’m currently fancying in the bulk bins at my local grocery store. My favorite combination is coconut chips, dried mangos, cashews, and almonds. I like using snack size stasher bags to portion out trail mix or dried fruits and nuts. They’re the perfect size to hold a serving!

Homemade granola bars

I love a good chewy granola bar! I make my own to avoid plastic packaging, and mix it up with all sorts of add-ins and ingredient combinations. A simple chocolate chunk or raisin bar is still super flavorful and delicious when made with real ingredients and no preservatives! If you get hungry for candy bars while driving, you can make chocolate-dipped granola bars for a sweet (but still preservative free) treat. Get a simple recipe for making your own granola bars on the #stasherlife blog.

Here’s to healthy and earth-friendly summer road trip adventures!

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