Helpful Tips to stay Sane & Productive while Working from Home

Oh my this Covid is starting to get to me!  I thought I was doing really great, but then week 1 million hit and I was like WHOA Nelly!  I need a plan if this keep up...

This working from Home thing is new to me.  I've been working since I was 15, and it's never been at a slow pace.  I have always had dreams of being a stay at home wife/mother, but reality is...  That's just NOT me and that is totally OK!

I realized this when

a.) I haven't had children yet, so that basically kicks out the idea of being a stay-at-home mom.  

b.) I need constant stimulation and enjoy the challenge that customers bring when they come into the store with questions.

c.) I really don't enjoy cooking and cleaning when it's a 'job', I'm much better at it the 20 minutes before someone is coming over to visit and I'm rushing to get things picked-up tidied and swept, or cooked as soon as I get home from work.


d.) I LOVE being independent and take huge pride in making my own way, earning my own money and not having a 'boss' or someone to tell me what I can can't do!

(Not saying that is ALL, stay-at-home people do, but I'm pretty sure it's all I'd be doing in my household, if it was my day-job).

So of course, I've searched for a routine I can stick to, to guide me through this unknown, on what to do in my day, and here are some tips, tricks and ideas I've narrowed down.


Develop a morning routine

We’ve heard it a million times, to get the most of your work from home life, a little discipline goes a long way. 

However, where I differ is I'm not telling you to get up at 4 am, do some yoga, make a smoothie, journal and meditate.  That would be amazing, but it is NOT my, nor most people's life, whatsoever.  So, instead, I believe in a simple and tailored approach that’s great for you.

A routine is simply something you do over and over again to flip the switch in your brain to tell you it’s time to get into ‘work mode’.

For you that might mean waking at 10 am, making a cup of coffee and reading. For someone else, it might mean waking at 6 am, getting your kids organized, and then unwinding before work with a hot drink and a book.

Experiment and find a routine that works for your unique situation, is easy and enjoyable and the rest will fall into place.

My new routine (which I hope to continue on, when my alarm has to start being set again), is just taking some time, to get showered, coffee'd up, make-up on, clean clothes dressed all completed at least 20-30 minutes before I have to leave for the day.  

I'd always rush this every morning, after hitting the snooze a few time.  I am not a morning person, but have realized I'm slowly becoming one.  I like the calmness that is has brought me the past few months.  I've been able to start my day with a plan, and not chaos trying to get out the door.

This is such a great feeling.

Put Some Damn Clothes On

I have what I call my “Home work uniform.” Yes, this is just a new Romper every morning, but it's clean, and somewhat presentable while still being comfy.  Because let's face it, Jean's just are not an option when at home all day, but sweats and a ratty old Tee aren't either!

The point here is that I put some effort in. It might be the minimal level of effort, but it goes a long way. When I change from what I slept in and put something else on, I feel like I’m officially starting my day. Even if I just wear an adult onsie.  I've put some effort in to prepare for my workday.

Usually I wash my face, brush my teeth and put some mascara on too, but it’s very minimal. It just makes me feel much more motivated to start the day.

Shop our Rompers HERE.

Move your body

I know, I'm personally not one to talk working out and exercise, as I loath it, but I figure I have ALL day and zero excuses!

I’m not telling you to go out on a marathon run or (god forbid) do some extravagant cross-fit routine.

I'm all about the 20-30 minute workouts. I get bored if it goes any longer, to be honest.  It sounds simple, but even walking will get the blood flowing and help my body feel more relaxed and healthy AND will get you outside, which is always a bonus during these times.

I've also, always deep down imagined myself as some yogi goddess, so these times are letting me pretend in the comfort of my own home, where nobody can watch or see me just lay there a little longer...

Plan breaks

When you’re working on a project, writing, or generally doing any kind of absorbing task, it’s easy to lose track of time. The last thing you want is to be working so hard that you miss a valuable snack or coffee break.

This is ME 100%  I do this all the time.  I work, work, work... Work and don't stop to eat.  It's my #1 BAD habit I have been trying to get rid of.  o far unsuccessfully I might add, but I'm trying daily to break it, which says something.

I'm starting to set a rough schedule for yourself and stick notifications on your phone to remind you with alarms. Or if you’re a bit more analogue, write it in your to-do list to take breaks at certain times of the day.

I have been finding even if you’re not hungry or would rather keep working, these breaks act as a switch in your mind to take a break. Your brain simply can’t keep working for hours straight, give it a rest and give your body some fuel.  

These breaks can also give you a great time to unload the dishwasher, check your Social media, watch an episode on TV.  So you feel like you are getting a bit of something else done throughout the day, and aren't just stuck on your Computer.


Protect your Vision

I've also noticed, while I work on a screen most days, being at home has definitely amped it up.  I started developing headaches and my eyes have been really bothering me.

After doing some research and reading up I invested (invested? I spent under $100) and bought myself some Blue-Light Filtering Glasses.

I have definitely noticed a change when using these, and not only do I find I'm sleeping better, I haven't been getting irritated eyes or's easier to take a selfie with no make-up on when wearing glasses too lol!  (yes, I I think of these things, #SorryNotSorry!)


HERE is where I bought mine.  They are a great follow on Instagram, especially for their stories (follow them here) and are a happy-go-lucky hilarious family from Vernon, BC.  Truly one of my FAVOURITE finds during this Covid-19/time at home!


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