Autumn Blooms: Wedding Florals to inspire

Rich berry tones stand out well against regal blues, creating an elegance that feels right for the season.

I thought shades of pale pink dresses, mauve to taupe, were best echoed by dusty blush, nude, and champagne-colored flowers. 

I’m drawn to flowers that have a sort of soft, muddy quality to them because they lend‚ themselves to blending disparate colors.

The 'Cafe Au‚ Lait’ dahlia is the perfect pale cream color, with both undertones of blush and golden ivory.

Likewise, the ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Cafe Latte’ roses each have tones of dusty pink to lavender that can‚ really‚ stretch a color palette.

I also like the idea of bridesmaids walking down the aisle, one after the next, all holding onto a single garland of pink carnations.

And for the last look, which felt very ethereal, touches of golden, burnt sugar tones, which complement the sage and teal dress, as well as the ivory, so beautifully.

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