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'Picnic in the Park' Cookbook

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This 'Picnic in the Park' Cookbook, is an ongoing Fundraiser for improvements to our favourite little Oasis on the prairies, the Eston Riverside Park.  This is where we have all grown up taking Swimming Lessons, learning to Golf, Camping out and enjoying one another around Campfires.  And we still take advantage now to this day!

As a Small town in Saskatchewan, we sometimes get all the Best Cooks in the Community to give up their best and favourite recipes and create a Must Have Cookbook. 

There are always things that need to be repaired, kept up, painted and replaced.  So with each purchase of these cookbooks, you know it's going to a great cause that is creating memories forever.

Published in 2004, this cookbook not only give the History of the Eston Riverside Regional's Park, it also provides some of your go to favourite Recipes that can be used and loved over and over.

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