Mini Daffodil / Narcissus - Minnow

Mini Daffodil / Narcissus - Minnow

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This might be the most precious daffodil ever grown.

Pointed buttercream outer petals surround a shallow lemony saucer.

Blooms are sweetly scented and have a wildflower-like quality that make us think of daisies or tiny, golden forget-me-nots. Plants are great for the front of the border or for growing in pots, and flowers are fantastic for arranging in posies.

A must-grow!

Narcissus blooms are for many gardeners the first visible signs of spring.

These vigorous, long-lived bulbs thrive joyously in sunny, well-drained places, are shunned by hungry deer and voles, and will thrive and multiply with little care on your part, creating a glorious landscape and a horticultural legacy.

Contain 10 bulbs

Height: 14 - 17 in

Full Sun

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