Jade Facial Roller

Jade Facial Roller

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In traditional Chinese medecine, Jade stone has been used since the 7th century in beauty treatments in order to stimulate acupuncture points on the face and offer many benefits. When you roll the jade stone from the middle to the edges of the face, it reduce tension and relax muscles while offering a pleasant massage. The cold stone helps to firm your skin, reduce puffiness and stimulate blood circulation in your face.Just like your body requires water to stay hydrated, your skin also needs its daily dose of moisturizing. Our hibiscus face whipped butter, made with shea butter and mango butter, is the perfect blend to treat and pamper your beautiful skin. Our face butter contains hibiscus oil, recognized as the « Botox » plant because of its powerful anti-ageing properties and its ability to increase skin’s elasticity. This product will help improve the evenness of your natural skin tone and complexion while leaving your skin perfectly hydrated. We also added hemp seed oil, which is non-comedogenic: it really helps the skin to breathe and prevent blemishes. Finally, the passion fruit oil, which is a high source of vitamin A and E, will restore skin comfort, radiance and smoothness, for a perfect healthy look.

Suitable for all skin types.

Our Jade roller comes into a seed-paper box: plant it and beautiful wild flowers will grow!

After applying your moisturizer or face serum, pamper yourself with a pleasant jade roller massage and it will help the product to get deeply into your skin!

Directions for use: Roll the biggest jade stone on your cheeks and forehead, from the middle to the edges of your face, and then the smallest stone under the eye area. Repeat the movement 3 or 4 times per part of your face.

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