Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balm

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What Is It?
A rich balm cleanser that naturally removes dirt, makeup and impurities without over-drying the skin. It leaves your face feeling cleansed and nourished, never dry or tight.

What makes it special?
Burdock Root is a natural extract known for its purifying and skin-smoothing properties. It's especially helpful in skin prone to breakouts or extreme dryness. As an antioxidant it removes free radicals which prevents the signs of aging. 

Chamomile is another favourite antioxidant for us. In the cleansing balm it helps soothe, repair and improve the skins texture.

Cucumber Extract was the refreshing ingredient we wanted to add to help leave the skin plump, hydrated and ready for the day.

Who is it for? 
If you want a deep clean without over-drying, this cleansing balm was made for you. With natural plant extracts it delivers antioxidant protection with a hydrating clean.

Series: The Skincare Collection
Benefit: Gentle Cleansing
Hero Ingredient: Burdock Root, Chamomile and Cucumber Extract 

4 oz. 110 ml

Removes Makeup


Vegan + Cruelty Free

Skin Type: Normal - Dry

How Often: Whenever you need to clean your face

Smell: Light, crisp, fresh

How Much: A dime size amount

How to Use:

Step 1 - Start with dry skin & makeup on.
Step 2 - Massage Balm into skin, concentrate on makeup heavy areas.
Step 3 - Slowly add warm water and massage use Silicone Cleansing Mitt.
Step 4 - Rinse thoroughly, follow with Everyday Moisturizer or Face Oil!