Basics to Creating a Website

Basics to Creating a Website

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Let's take you and your future further by creating a website and opening up your services, products and knowledge to the WORLD!

In this workshop we will guide you from the start on creating an eye-catching, user friendly appealing website to offer your customer near and far!

Location : Clementine Home Floral Gift : 705M- 11th Ave. E.  Kindersley, SK

Date & Time : Monday, March 30th : 9am

Timelines will depend on how many participants, and how much guidance is needed. Unfortunately this being our first workshop offering this, we are unsure how long everything will take.  Please allow a minimum of half a day (4 hours), but open to longer.  This being said we want you leaving knowing how to go forward with confidence, but also do not want to take up more of your valuable time than needed. 

We use Shopify because:

Shopify is a great place to start. Shopify provides users with a full eCommerce solution to building out great looking, responsive online shops. It's the leading eCommerce platform and likely used by the majority of online stores that you're frequenting every day.

It's designed to be user-friendly and easy to manage, from monitoring inventory to designing your product page layout. Driving sales and building customer trust involves creating a great user experience, and Shopify allows you to create that, regardless of your technical skill level.

What You'll Learn:

Creating a Shopify Store - Become familiarized with the ecosystem.

Admin Panel - Navigate the Shopify administrative panel.

Product Management - Use tools to oversee and keep products organized.

Themes + Customizations - Code-free personalization of your website.

Apps - How to add applications to your store.

Order Management - Sort shipping, taxes and manage inventory.

What You'll Get:

  • Your very own fully-functioning Shopify store

  • Solid understanding of main functions and features, as well as additional resources & readings

  • Hands-on, interactive learning experience with someone who has knowledge and experience with building a successful online business

Important points to note:

  • This workshop will provide a “101” level of knowledge and is intended for entrepreneurs just getting their stores started online. If your Shopify store up and running successfully (congrats, that’s awesome!) this workshop isn’t for you. Although IF you are wanting to start over again from scratch/from the beginning then please consider attending, with that knowledge in mind.

  • It is a hands-on workshop. All participants: bring your laptop (and don’t forget your charger). We’ll provide the Free WiFi!  Please note Tablets are also allowed, but we are mainly laptop training based.

  • Interested in creating your online store before attending the workshop (no pressure – you can also do this during training)? 

  • Shopify based, so make sure to go through their pricing plans beforehand and be signed up with whatever plan works for you.  These pricing plans are NOT included in this workshop, and we ask if you do require help with those decisions or creating a Shopify account you contact us BEFORE date of Workshop. 

Referral Opportunity:

We know being a small business owner is not only hard, but it can be expensive! So we are offering a Referral Program with this workshop!  

Each Participant will have the opportunity to invite other business owners in the community.  

IF and When those referrals sign up, they will be asked WHO suggested this workshop.  We will them REFUND $10 for each successful referral from YOUR Sign-Up fee. (Please note tis 1 person at checkout in the 'Notes' if ordering online)

The more the merrier, so let's create a small community base of online success!  


Please contact Christa at: or ask below for any and all questions.  
Private Consultations are also available, contact for details.
Workshops are non-refundable, but exchangeable, No Exceptions!

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