Floor Plan Designing Fun

 For all you stuck at home, that have an eye for style and a need for design.  

We are offering this fun mind numbing Floor Plan for you to design your little hearts out!

There is no winner, or loser, just a fun FREE way to pass the time.

A little back story, my good friend decided to demolish her interior, she tore down a wall, got rid of her cupboards and opened EVERYTHING up!

She's not moving the kitchen sink, and would like an island and pantry.  

Other than that, let your imagination fly and become an interior design for a day (or days, depending how long this quarantine lasts!)

Every square = 1 sq/ft
Print off pdf, draw away,
Share your ideas by:
- Snapping a pic and Tagging us or messaging us on Instagram
- Scan and e-mail us your ideas to clementinehfg@gmail.com

Click Here for PDF Download Floorpan