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Covid-19 Shop Update:




We will be posting updates and a Potential Opening date again on ur Social Media:

 Facebook     Instagram

And of course through our Newsletter, where we may be sending out Promo-Codes, Shipping Incentives & the Like during this short Break!

FREE - Closed Door Shop Pick-Up

We are still offering In-Store Pick-Up with a twist, to keep us ALL Healthy!
If you choose FREE In-Store Pick-Up, because we are not in the shop everyday now, we will contact you to schedule a Date & Time Range for you pick-up your items! (ie: Thursday morning = Thursday 10am - 12pm)
This will be a Service of As-Needed scheduling.  This will not be happening daily or every other day.  And you will be contact with the e-mail and/or phone number provided at check-out.
Thank you, and let's get through this TOGETHER!