Wallpaper & Mural FAQ's

What are your wallpapers and wall murals printed on?

We offer three different types of material for our wallpaper and mural designs:

1. Pre-pasted Wallpaper - our classic, semi-matte finish wall covering option. It is a permanent wall covering option and simply requires water to activate the adhesive pre-pasted on the back of the paper. It doesn't require additional glue or paste. This is our simplest “DIY” installation method.

2. Traditional Wallpaper - our classic, flat-matte finish wall covering option. It is a permanent wall covering option that requires a wallpaper paste/glue for installation. We highly recommend hiring a professional for installation.

3. Self Adhesive Vinyl - our temporary wallpaper application that uses a peel and stick installation process. It is a semi-matte finish. This product can be removed easily from your walls and is great for renters! We highly recommend hiring a professional for installation.

How long will the murals and wallpapers stay up?

Our Self Adhesive Vinyl products are perfect for temporary application uses. However, if you take care of your product, it has the potential to last for years. Our Self Adhesive Vinyl product will generally last 2-3 years indoors. Do try to keep your adhesive product away from sunlight and heat sources as this can damage the adhesive and cause your product to peel. We cannot guarantee the anewall adhesives durability outdoors due to varying weather conditions.

Our Pre-pasted and Traditional products are permanent wall covering options and will last indefinitely.

What surfaces can I apply my murals and wallpapers to?

We highly recommend smooth wall surfaces for installation. If your wall is rough, bumpy or newly painted, the product may not be able to fully adhere to the wall.  We cannot be held responsible if any graphics applied to a bumpy texture that do not stick. That being said, most applications should fare well.

If you have a textured wall begin by sanding the surface down to prevent bubbling from occurring during application. Then, grab a clean, damp cloth and wipe down the surface. Allow one to two days of dry time before applying your mural. Do NOT wash your mural with soaps of any kind or any other liquid cleaner. Instead, opt for a dry cloth to clean your anewall product.

What happens if I make a mistake with my installation?

No problem! With our Self Adhesive Vinyl material option, just peel it off your wall and try again! Always make sure to take care in preparation of your wall surface and removing your wall decal.

For Traditional and Pre-Pasted Wallpaper applications we cannot be held responsible for installation errors. 

How should I remove my mural or wallpaper?

The removal of our Self Adhesive Vinyl products is easy! Expose a corner of your design with your fingernail and slowly peel it off the wall. Be patient in your removal technique to decrease the chance of any paint specks coming off with the removal of the product. If you’ve applied your vinyl product to a less porous surface like glass, we recommend that you use a hairdryer (set to a low heat) to warm the product. This slightly releases the adhesive, making it even easier to peel off.

The removal of our Pre-Pasted and Traditional Wallpaper products will require a standard wallpaper soak and strip process.

Will the Self Adhesive Vinyl products damage my wall?

No, our Self Adhesive Vinyl products should not leave any residue or paint damage. However, we cannot be sure of the condition and quality of your painted wall surface, and some paint flecking may occur. If this occurs, some minor paint touch-ups will be required. Be slow and careful with your removals.