So now that you have Heard of Fusions, You are probably wondering 'What's the big Difference?"

Homestead House Paint Co. developed a 100% Acrylic furniture paint 25 years ago.

10 years ago with the Eco movement, we added a Zero VOC line of paints, primarily to be used on walls. With the DIY furniture painting industry recently exploding, in conjunction with people wanting to use eco friendly Zero VOC paints, we adapted that formulation at the time into our Homestead House Furniture Paint line. As fantastic as our previous formulation of Furniture Paint was, we are always looking to improve! We wanted our paint to be tough enough for kitchen cabinets and furniture.  Not only did we improve our formulation, we also answered the demands from clients with a fresh new brand that answered many desires. Fusion Mineral Paint offers everything the painter needs, with over 50 colours of paint,  including a line of Metallics, custom blend recipes, accessories, finishes and speciality products including  Stencils – Yes, we have it all at Fusion!

Fusion is 100% unique in its formulation, and can not be found anywhere else in the market. It is unique in many ways. It comes in a Pint, and has better flow and coverage than our previous line. Better containers for longer lasting paint that won’t film over and won’t incur damages during shipping. Increased brand awareness through all forms of social media with beautiful photography and product images.


All paint companies offer different price points and quality. Whether it’s an economy line for those on a tight budget, or a mid level contractors line, up to a high end price point for those looking for premium coverage and a superior finish, they all exist for a reason.


The difference comes down to the ingredients in them. Depending on what your project is, you will need a different quality of level of paint. You wouldn’t paint a floor that receives high traffic with a ceiling paint now would you? No, every product out there is formulated for it’s purpose. Ceilings don’t require high end ingredients to resist finger prints, or require the surface to be washable, so why add more expensive ingredients to something you don’t need?


I always say you get what you pay for in the paint industry. Let’s be honest, painting many coats, having dirty fingerprints left behind, dealing with toxic fumes, just stinks- literally! It doesn’t have to be this way- we use premium quality ingredients, and we stay away from toxic chemicals and latex vinyl fillers, unlike most of our competition.


The purpose for the demand in our paints changed, therefore we had to develop a brand new unique product to address this!

Why did we develop Fusion?


Homestead House has always fallen into the high end range in terms of performance, however not in price, and we are continuing this trend with Fusion.

We worked hard in the lab to formulate our best ever paint, and we knocked it out of the park! Why? Because we listen to customer feedback. The demand was for Eco-friendly paint that provides excellent coverage, offered a matte sheen, and didn’t require a top coat. Did we mention the self levelling qualities and you know what that means….minimal to no brush strokes!  To boot, Fusion can be used outside since it’s waterproof and UV resistant. WIN!


At Homestead House we have always only offered the best of the best, allowing us to maintain an excellent reputation for over 25 years!


As our company grows,  it’s  important to listen to our customers, and make the necessary changes.  SO, here you have it! Fusion! The truth is in the product itself. Once you use it you will know what the fuss is all about.


We hope you give Fusion a try, be your own judge and see for yourself the incredible coverage, ease of application and durability. We know you’ll love it!











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