Durable and Scrubbable - Fusion Mineral Paint takes the Test!


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Hi everyone! I would like to share my experiences with Fusion Mineral Paint from a mothers point of view.

I’m a mother of two young boys, age 9 & 7.  As most young boys, they can be very active. It’s very healthy behavior for young boys, but not so good for my furniture!  When Homestead House Paint Company said that their newest paint Fusion Mineral Paint, was scrubbable, I just knew I had the perfect family to test it out!

Fusion Mineral Paint is scrubbable with no top coat!? You bet it is!! 

Before I share my findings, let’s talk about the difference between ‘washable paint’ and ‘scrubbable paint’. Some paints are washable.  You can wipe off stains with a damp cloth.  Fusion Mineral Paint is scrubbable. That mean stains can be wiped off, and the paint endures more. It takes a very long time before you can really scrub through the layer of paint. REALLY!

Fusion Mineral Paint is scrubbable because it has a built-in top coat. It’s made up of 100% acrylic resin. This results in one consistent and cohesive surface across your piece that’s not porous. That means you do not have to apply a top coat. Because Fusion creates a consistent barrier with the highest quality resins, it will also withstand water or humidity. How awesome is THAT!?

Well, I decided to put it to the test with the chairs in my living room. I painted them in Fusion’s  “Champlain” and I did NOT apply a top coat. Here goes. The kids started using them after couple of days, but I told them to be gentle at first.  The paint is dry in a couple of hours, but because there are no toxic solvents used in the formulation, it takes about 21 days to fully cure and reach its maximum durability.  After 3 weeks, I just let them do their thing.  They built an improvised camp with the chairs, stood on a chair with their shoes on, touched the surface with chocolaty fingers, and on and on. All I can say is wow!  I am very impressed with how truly washable, scrubbable and durable Fusion is.

I have been cleaning these chairs every other day now, sometimes really scrubbing hard to remove dried stains, and the paint doesn’t look streaky or worn in any way. 

I even wrote on the chairs on purpose (Yikes, this was a bit scary!) to show you how easy it is to keep these chairs clean and in good condition and to show you that the paint didn’t waver.


 All I can say is thank you Fusion for providing an incredibly durable, washable AND truly scrubbable paint that stood up to the test of my boys!








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