Can paint be shipped in winter?


Last week, a customer wrote to me, “I wasn’t home and the courier left my paint delivery on my doorstep. It has been outside all day and it’s -20C (-4F). The paint is frozen, will it be damaged?”


Don’t worry, I told her, Fusion™ paint can freeze and not be damaged!

We have tested all our products to ensure a freeze/thaw stability and we know that freezing does not affect the PH balance nor the integrity of the paint. It can freeze and thaw up to three times and you will not do any damage to the paint.  So if your shop is in Edmonton, Minnesota or Montreal, no need to worry about shipping paint all winter, with no extra heated shipping fees.


We are based in Toronto and we know cold! So before you order paint from anyone, you should always ask if their paint can freeze. A lot of paint companies can’t ship in the winter – so you need to load up on paint in the fall and hope you don’t run out during the polar vortex! Even if you pay for temperature controlled shipping, paint can get off-loaded and moved from truck to truck as it crosses the country and it’s almost impossible to guarantee that the paint won’t freeze.  Once loaded into a truck, it can sit overnight waiting for the driver to start in the morning. A lot of our competitor’s paints are not freeze thaw stable and will be garbage if left outside or frozen during shipping.


Fusion™ Mineral Paint has no formaldehyde and no ammonia. Our formula has been tested and crafted over the years to withstand the cold.










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