What a Difference Paint Makes

It's true what they say, paint & colour can make the world of difference.  Especially when you are just wanting that quick update on a larger scale.

My Mother in-law loves her kitchen, and I agree it's a great set-up, layout and solid, like a SOLID hand-made original from the 80's.  The only thing that needed a quick update was the color pallet.


After a few back & forths with some colour samples, she chose a colour that looks great!  She also knew she was doing an update on most of her main floor including new flooring, countertops, paint and furniture, so this was a big decision.  And I think she made the right one.

For her upper & lowers cupboards along the perimeter she chose Little Lamb.  Little Lamb is part of the Tones for Tots Collection Fusion offers and is a great choice for a medium toned gray.  

Little Lamb is a great grey with this fantastic wooly neutral tone that adds a classy look to any DIY project.  This is a hue that plays nicely with every colour in our collection, making it the perfect complimentary shade.

For the Kitchen Island, she chose an accent colour of Soap Stone.  Soap Stone, depending on your natural light and colouring can either look like a beautiful Charcoal Grey or in most cases pick up on more the blue-side.  

Soap Stone has been everyone’s favourite deep gray, Soap Stone is one of those colours that is totally dependent on its surroundings.  Its slight purple undertones added with the changing light in the room will play with your eyes in the most enchanting way.

Like we said above, these cupboards were originally built along with the house in the 80's, by a local craftsman who back in the day did things right and meticulously by hand.  These cupboards were definitely before their time, and those little details are perfect and functional for a kitchen that is well used.

They were originally Oak, that has been upkept and oiled regularly over the years  So I suggest she give everything a quick scuff with some sandpaper, and a good clean with our TSP Alternative to clean off any excess oil. 

We always suggest TSP Alternative for any project, as even the oils from your hands can start creating a built up over time.  TSP Alternative breaks down theses oils and cleans your piece supporting better adhesion.  Plus, our formula doesn't have to be meticulously scrubbed off afterwards like the regular Hardware variety.

We also went a step above and used our Ultra Grip, to help adhesion over years of oil use in cleaning and staining.

As for the Sealer, Fusions do have a built-in sealant, but with Kitchen cupboards and high wash high traffic areas it's always nice to give it some extra durability.  We had suggested our Hemp Oil.  I know she had oiled her cupboards in the past, so I knew she would feel comfortable using this product later on if she needed to give it another once over.  

We also chose Hemp Oil as the Island is in a darker shade and sometimes the Tough Coat can leave darker colors cloudier.  Using Hemp Oil you won't have this problem.

When painting kitchen cupboards, you do have to realize these are a big job.  Sometimes they are weekends projects, but to do it right and depending on the size of your cupboards, you may be looking into a week long project.  Factoring in proper, prep, drying time, painting fronts & backs, Sealing, and the re-assembling, it's always best to give yourself enough room & time to not rush through this project.  

It may sound like a lot, but once you get in the groove you are golden, and the results always turn out amazing!



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